Prohibited items

  • Purse larger than a clutch (4.5” x 6.5”) or bag including but not limited to briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, diaper bags, cinch bags, cooler bags, computer bags, camera bags, binocular case or luggage of any kind;
  • Seat cushions with pockets, zippers, compartments or covers;
  • Glass containers of any kind;
  • Metal cans or bottles;
  • Weapons;
  • Fireworks, explosives, or munitions;
  • Alcohol or alcoholic beverages or freezes;
  • Vacuum bottles and other similar insulated containers (thermos-type containers);
  • Open plastic beverage containers, unless empty;
  • Poles or sticks including flag poles, monopods, and selfie sticks;
  • (Other items determined by a promoter, tour group, or University personnel based on the show and/or audience, including but not limited to: cameras, iPads/tablets, plastic bottles, spiked jewelry, lighters, etc.
  • Opened umbrellas in the venue

A person discovered during an inspection to possess a prohibited article(s) shall be offered the choice of discarding the article(s) in a public trash receptacle or of returning the prohibited article(s) to a vehicle or otherwise legally disposing of it. If the offender is already inside the facility, the offender’s license is automatically revoked and the person shall be requested to leave immediately. He or she who does not leave following such a request may be treated as a trespasser.

Signs cannot be affixed to the facility nor displayed in a manner that obstructs the view of other patrons. The throwing of footballs, frisbees, balls, or other such objects is not allowed inside the stadium seating, tunnel or ramp areas.


Stadium seats, stadium chairs, or seat cushions brought by any person into any University facility may not exceed the following dimensions: 17.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep, with a seat back height that does not exceed 19 inches. The seat cushion may not exceed 4 inches in height. The seat back cushion may not exceed 4 inches in depth. The seat may not have pockets, zippers, compartments or covers.

Patrons can bring in one clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bag that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” or a single one (1) gallon plastic freezer bag.

Please take note that the University of Oregon is a Smoke & Tobacco Free University. Smoking, vaping and tobacco chewing is not allowed in any athletic venue or University property.

As part of an effort to reduce binge drinking and prevent alcohol-related incidents, Autzen Stadium DO NOT ALLOW fans to re-enter the stadium after they’ve exited at any point during the game.